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  • Fizzy drinks: What’s the best way to be healthy?

    Introduction: Fizzy drinks are a big part of the American diet, and they’re also one of the leading causes of obesity. Obesity is a serious health problem, and it costs taxpayers billions each year in healthcare costs. It’s time to take action! The good news is that you can help reduce obesity by drinking fizzy […]

  • The Healthiest Sodas on the Market

    Introduction: Your favorite soda is probably going to be the healthiest one on the market by the time you finish reading this. That’s because sodas are packed with sugar and unhealthy additives. But what if we told you that there are healthier, sugar-free options out there? We’ve got just the guide for you! And don’t […]

  • Monster Soda: The Fartz of the Fountain

    Introduction: Monster Soda is a company that sells soda that contains fentanyl. This alarming trend has people concerned about the safety of their favorite soft drink, and for good reason. If you’re not already, be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest news about Monster Soda and its frighteningly high levels of fentanyl. In this […]

  • The Healthy Mountain Dew Alternative to Coca-Cola!

    Introduction: Coca-Cola is the industry leader in developing and marketing unhealthy products. Not only that, but they also use some of the worst ingredients in their drinks. That’s why we believe that Healthy Mountain Dew should be the industry leader in healthy refreshments! We have put together a list of our top 5 reasons below, […]

  • Soda Stream: How You Can Make It Healthier

    Introduction: For many people, the thought of drinking water from a can is unthinkable. But for those who love soda, there’s an easy way to make it healthier and more sustainable. With SodaStream, you can make your favorite sugary drink from a can with less water and less energy—and it’s all done in under an […]